About us

Lightwave Technology is a technology-driven company that designs, manufactures and markets connected automotive products that offer consumers a new experience of connectivity with their vehicles.

Based in Montreal, Canada, our team is led by an experienced management team whose main objective is to "put innovation at the heart of everything we do and create the future of automotive connectivity solutions.

Jack Wisnia – President

Jack Wisnia inventor of numerous patents, founded AutoStart in 1988 and achieved market leadership in remote car starters in Canada producing the Autostart brand and numerous private label brands. For over 20 years, Autostart has provided the most reliable systems at a competitive price on the market.

Autostart was sold in 2007 to a publicly NASDAQ traded Company (DEIX).

Jack Wisnia is also co-founder of ADS (Automotive Data Solutions) since 2005, currently the #1 manufacturer in North America of OEM remote start solutions. ADS is recognized for introducing groundbreaking technologies to the remote start and security aftermarket sector.

Jim Speers – Director of Engineering

Jim Speers has been in the 12V aftermarket industry over 2 decades and is the inventor and holder of numerous industry design patents.

In early 1990’s, Jim Speers was the founder and President of Scotia Systems. Scotia Systems quickly became one of the highest volume installation centers for after market automotive products in Western Canada. Jim continued as President until the company was sold in 1998.

In 2000, Jim, together with 2 partners created Applicated Security Technologies (AST). AST designed, manufactured and distributed remote vehicle starters and alarm system throughout North America. In 2002, Jim became the CEO of the company which rapidly grew in size with offices in both Canada and USA. Jim continued as CEO of AST until he stepped down as CEO in 2009 to pursue various contract design ventures until joining Lightwave Technology in 2016.